About Us

This company was created thanks to the initiative and support of my wife who had very clear that I had to work for myself to follow my vision, to work in the land and be able to do the tasks that amuse me.

Although I had some doubts about of the investment and project feasibility, my wife and my previous boss encouraged me to start the company, and as my father said: If you think too much about a project, you’ll end up not doing it.

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At the company, we started offering a few services, which we have been able to expand in these years. Also, we have gained experience. We would like to give more and more complete and specific solutions to our customers.

We are a close company. We try to be clear and direct. We have a very simple goal: to do the best job and of the best quality.

What we offer?

What we offer?

Grinding stone and earth

  • Passing over a land with a crusher, leaving stone ground into sand and gravel more useful for the right thickness for the crop wanted.
  • Working in the most suitable depth for the type of work, up to 45 cm.

Go to the depth most suitable for the type of work, up to 45 cm.

Stone crushing to fix roads

  • This job is is done quickly because, if the stone is not very large, it’s done by grinding about 10 cm of the surface, leaving it vibrated and tamped. Stone above becomes gravel and dust, or just very compacted and strong stone powder.

Farming with 7 m wide cultivator

  • Done fast.
  • Farming becomes cheaper.
  • Best for large lands.

Also, farming with 70 cm deep subsoiler

  • Land can be farmed to the max depth and taking all possible bottom stones. Crushed rocks are left as dust or gravel. Strong stones are a perfect ground. Avoiding the need to bring earth from “outside” the farm.